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Dear all

my friends para blogger mania... How are you today?
semoga rekan rekan blogger semua selalu sehat dan selalu bersemangat dalam berkarya dan berkreasi........

okey, bila pada postingan sebelumnya q membahas tentang cushflow quadrant maka,hari ini q mencoba menulis artikel tentang suatu situs yang bergerak di bidang jasa menghubungkan antara pihak advertise dengan pemilik blog, dimana bila kita mendaftarkan blog kita pada situs tersebut, maka blog kita akan diberi nilai jual kepada pihak advertise, untuk lebih jelasnya, q kutip help system for common questions and answer langsung dari blogsvertise

General Instructions

How to Write a Blog Entry for Blogsvertise

Just look around on the sponsor's website and then write a blog entry on your blog about what you think of it. You can write positive or negative thoughts on this website- the product, the layout of the site, any personal experiences you have had that relate to this kind of product, etc. The blog entry has to be 100 words in length at least, and please no copying and pasting from the sponsor's website. You have to provide a link in the blog entry to the sponsor's site. Then, when you are done and have published the blog entry to your blog, click on the time in the blog entry to create a permanent link, and submit this using the link provided in the assignment email. For more information about this read our FAQ at http://www.blogsvertise.com/faq.php!

Probation Questions

We do usually put blogs that do not have posts dating back 90 days on probationary status, but if you have obviously good quality content, and most important, you are cached with google, it is not too much of a problem to approve someone as a full-fledged member early than that. We approve and/or put people on probation on a case by case basis. We are sorry we can not give you a more hard and fast rule to go by, but we like to make sure good blogs don't slip through the cracks cause they haven't been around for 90 days per say.

How we approve blogs

We prefer blogs that have been around for 60 days and are in good standing with google. If your blog is brand new or you haven't been writing in it for very long, we can approve it on a probationary status. It will be on probation for a limited time until it is 60 days old or is cached with google. Bloggers on probation get paid less per assignment. You can email us again at any time to review your blog and get it off probationary status. Either way, when your blog is accepted, you will receive emails with tasks that instruct you on what to write about.

Bad pictures

We are sorry but we can only accept actual photographs of our bloggers for photo submissions. This is due to concerns about copyright infringements and such, so we have made it a general rule for all photo submissions must of a person/human being and of themselves.
Wordpress accounts

We are no longer approving Wordpress blogs because Wordpress has made the decision to delete blogs with paid content on them. Sorry, please consider submitting another blog for consideration.

Task Assignments

Where to submit your task for approval

Click here to submit your task for approval.

How to get more assignments

First its important to maintain and update your blog regularly. If a sponsor wants 5 blog entries we only send out tasks to 5 bloggers, and wait to see if they decline, accept, or don't answer for 5 days. This is why its really important for our bloggers to decline a task if they don't want it, so we can quickly reassign it to someone eager for a task. Since tasks expire in 5 days, if you login to blogsvertise at least twice a week you should catch most task offers made to you.

It is a little hard for us to say how many tasks you will get each week. It depends on what advertisers are buying and whats in the queue as far as orders go. We and our system try to match up advertisers to blogs on theme/category. We also try and spread out tasks to all of the bloggers in the system so there is no hoarding of tasks by small group of users. So spreading it out helps this. If your blog is a narrow niche you may not get as many tasks as another. If your blog is brand new your frequency of tasks will also likely be low. Sometimes our staff and system assign tasks, and other times the advertiser picks which blogs they want to advertise on. To increase the number of tasks you get try working on getting your readership and page rank. Here is a good link on increasing blog readership. Also its important to decline or accept each task. Those blogs with low participation levels (never responding to offers for example), are flagged as having low participation levels and their accounts will receive less and less offers. Thanks for your eagerness to get more assignments- it is always appreciated and remembered!

Grab Bag tasks

If your blog has a been approved,, you may be elligible for Grab Bag tasks. Grab bag tasks are tasks that meet certain criteria and that other bloggers declined or have since expired. You can login to your account ad see if there are grab bag icons near your list of approved blogs (go to “Blogs List/Search Status”. Grab Bag tasks are limited to 1 per day, iplease only do one Grab Bag per day. If you attempt to circumvent the 1 grab-bag per entry rule we may cancel your account. Please follow instructions carefully!


How Payout Works & When

Each task assigned to you will show a payout rate and you will be paid after 30 days after your task has been approved. The payouts vary with different ads but you can check at the end of the email we send you with the assignment to see what the payout is. If you have any other questions check our FAQ at http://www.blogsvertise.com/faq.php.

* We do not make payouts on holidays or weekends.
* We support paypal payouts only. If you do not have paypal you cannot participate.
* If your payout was sent to the wrong paypal address, check with paypal first to correct it.
* As mentioned above payouts are made after 30 days. In some unusual cases there are slight delays during the course of normal business activity.
It is not an automated payout system. Dont worry if you have done the task assigned to you, and its not paid on the 30th or 31st day, you will be paid.

Payout Increases

Generally speaking our standard payouts range from $4-20 per entry. However we have the capability in our system to set your payout rates set to whatever you want. How many ad offers that are sent/ made to you at the rate you want will depend on if the advertiser feels the price is worth it when searching blog inventory. Important Note: When you set your payout higher, you may also get offers made that are lower then your requested payout rate. You can just decline them if they are not high enough or of interest to you.

Payment Checker Errors

Our computer system checks to verify that the task you submitted for approval is still online at different intervals. A task should remain in your blog as a permanent entry unless otherwise specified to take down. In some cases the system has an error and we will manually check and verify false alarms. Sometimes our computer can't find an entry if it was not originally submitted as a permanent link. To find the permanent link for a blog entry, just click on the time/date stamp of the particular blog entry, or there may be a button specifically for 'Creating a Permanent Link". If you have any questions please check our FAQ at http://www.blogsvertise.com/faq.php. Thanks!

Task Rejection Problems

Broken Links

When in the process of checking your recent blog entry for approval we found links that do not work. Please click on each link and verify they are working properly. When you have finished editing your task, submit it again for approval.

Cannot find Entry

We cannot find the blog entry you did on the advertiser....the task must be submitted as the permanent URL for the specific blog entry you wrote. Also, the blog entry must contain 3 links to our sponsor’s website. Please re-submit your task for approval and provide the permanent url for this task.

Copy and pasting

Sorry, you can't copy and paste content from the site. The goal of writing blog entries for our advertiser's is to create a natural looking review of what they have to offer. This helps them gain exposure around the internet community. If two sites have the same written content, google can sometimes penalize them by banning their website from the search engines! So we definitely don't want this to happen to any of our bloggers or our businesses that advertise through us. Please use your own words and write whatever you want to in relation to the advertiser's website. When you have finished editing your task, submit it again for approval.

Not enough Links

Blogsvertise requires our bloggers to link to our sponsor's website 3 separate times in their blog entry unless the advertiser specified otherwise in their campaign notes. When you have finished editing your task, submit it again for approval.

Permanent Links

Always submit permanent links for task assignment approbals. You can often find the permanent link by clicking on the time/date stamp of the specific blog entry, or there may be another link that says ‘create permanent link’. This is the link that should be submitted. By doing this, it is easier for our automated system to find your blog entry and pay you! Please always submit tasks using the permanent link only.

saya kira, cukup jelas tentang blogvertise ini, daftar sekarang juga www.blogsvertise.com

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